• Company

    Powertrace S.R.L designs and manufactures key hardware and software components for today’s embedded systems market.

    Our mission is to address demanding problems and to provide reliable and excellent quality products using in-house developed solutions for applications where real time response and operational safety are a must.

  • Engineering Services

    Digital and analogue hardware design;
    VHDL and Verilog coding;
    Low level software and custom device drivers for FPGA hardware.


    Low level embedded software for most common processor architectures: ARM, Tricore, AVR32, PowerPC;
    Professional consultancy for real time operating systems concepts and design, based on single and multi-core microcontrollers;
    Hard and soft real time systems design and implementation.


    Powertrace is conducting, together with partner universities, research focused on real time systems that could contribute to a safer tomorrow.

  • BPRA Processor Architecture

    Powertrace supports the design and development of the BPRA processor architecture which provides outstanding task switching capabilities due to its special hardware design with built in hardware scheduler and banked pipeline registers.

    BPRA Architecture

    BPRA (Banked Pipeline Register Architecture) brings a set of unique features in the hands of embedded systems designers:

    • Uses a built in hardware scheduler that totally eliminates the need of a conventional software OS.
    • Extremely fast scheduling sequence and task context switch, both performed in only 1 clock cycle.
    • Very low jitter (2-3 clock cycles) due to the hardware implementation of the scheduler.
    • Task context isolation that eliminates the possibility of data corruption.
    • Highly deterministic.
    • Highly valued for time critical applications.
    • 32 bit RISC pipelined Harvard architecture.
  • Contact

    Marasti 3B, 720182, Suceava, Romania

    Phone : +49 (0) 17679013918

    Email: office@powertrace.ro